6,666 generative enchantresses
beholden to the Tezos blockchain

Summon Witchez

Choose number to summon

Summoning Sigil
Summoning Sigil
Summoning Sigil

13 xtz each

Up to 3 per mint, unlimited per wallet.

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Next reveal on 2/24/24

Sigils of Hope

Summoning Sigil

With the demon-summoning Order of the Dark Wheel stepping out from the shadows to bring about the end of the world, the balance of the universe has been upset. With more and more portals to the Dark Abyss opening, and the forces of evil growing stronger, the only hope for the earth is to raise an army strong enough to drive the demons back into their own bleak dimension.

Enter the Witchez, powerful enchantresses who serve the primal gods of the planet and can wield the ancient magics of the world. These enlightened women have long been misunderstood and persecuted by society and only Summoning Sigils can prove our repentance and draw these Witchez out from the darkest corners of the earth.

What are Witchez?

Witchez are a collection of programmatically, randomly generated hand-drawn enchantresses beholden to the Tezos blockchain. Each one is a unique FA2 token and composed of a combination of traits at varying levels of rarity with billions of possible outcomes. Amongst the 6,660 generated Witchez are 6 ultra-unique 1/1 Witchez.

Witchez are the first drop in The Cult & The Coven - a PFP NFT trading card game - a collaboration between The Order of the Dark Wheel and Devil's Delegate.




MANA is the life-force of the Witchez. It is used for Witchez holders to interact with the Cult & the Coven game and offers real world utility within the Witchez community.

Once activated, each Witch earns 50x MANA per day. The Witchez Manager is now live - allowing holders to activate their Witchez and start farming MANA.

Additional MANA will be purchasable from the MANA pool - but all Witch holders will earn free MANA at a rate to reasonably play the game.


I.  The Scheming


The Scheming

Until Nov. 10th, 2021 at 12pm Pacific Time (PT), Summoners were greenlit for the presale by holding any one of the following NFTs:

II.  The Summoning Begins


  • November 11th, 2021 at 12pm PST - the pre-sale opened and all greenlit wallets began the summoning process.
  • November 12th, 2021 at 12pm PST - minting opened to the general public until all Witchez are minted.

On each full moon, summoned Witchez emerge from their hiding place, appearing in Summoners’ wallets.

The Summoning

III.  Witchez Manager


Witchez Manager

The Witchez manager launched January 5th, 2022. With the Witchez manager you can name your Witchez, activate them to farm MANA, and craft & equip items to ready them for battle.

Open Witchez Manager

IV.  Rarity Gallery


The Witchez Rarity Gallery opened on September 10th, 2022. The gallery displays rank & custom name, and sorts Witchez by rank or token ID and filters by attributes, unnamed status, and availability for purchase.

Open Witchez Gallery
Witchez Rarity Gallery

V.  The Calm


The Calm

The Witchez are readying themselves for battle with the Demonz of the Order of the Dark Wheel. Community events (art contests, collaborations, etc.) are taking place while infrastructure for the next phase is put into place. New economies around Mana, Incantations, and Arcane Artifacts will be introduced.

Get involved in our Discord server.

VI.  Darkness Emerges

Happening Now

The Demonz of the Dark Wheel are coming soon. The Demonz harvest SOUL and have their own consumables & equipables for battlinig Witchez.

Visit the Dark Wheel Demonz website for more details.

Dark Wheel Demonz

VII.  The Cult & The Coven


The Storm

It’s all out war! Holders of both Dark Wheel Demonz and Witchez can pit them against each other in combat. Post-battle, if the Witch is successful, Components will drop that can be used to increase the power of your Witchez through the power of Incantations.

VIII.  The Endgame


Witchez who have Ascended to the status of Prime Witch can then pool their power to summon the Defenders of Gaia, massively powerful spirits that rival the power of the demonic Seven Who Feed.

If the Defenders of Gaia are all summoned, they will be able to free Lilith, the First Witch from her demonic shackles and she will have the power to crush the Order of the Dark Wheel and save the universe from the corrupt forces of the Abyssal Void.

The Endgame


How do we trust Witchez are distributed fairly?

The Witchez sale smart contract contains the IPFS Content ID of a document that maps each Witchez ID to the artwork’s own IPFS Content ID. So every Witch can be verified to be genuine and to have existed before the sale. The harbinger price oracle will randomize the sale’s starting point by determining the ID of the first Witchez token minted.

What happens during the sale?

Tezos wallets can mint up to 3 Witchez at a time at 13 XTZ each. Once you mint a Witch, the token will be visible in your wallet and in your objkt.com collection. You will only see the summoning sigil until reveal. At each reveal milestone, the summoning sigils will activate to reveal each unique Witchez token.

How many Witchez can I mint?

While there was a limit of mintable Witchez during pre-sale, during public sale you now can mint as many witches as your budget allows.

How do I trade Witchez?

Witchez FA2 tokens can be traded on objkt.com where you can also browse the whole collection.

How do I know the rarity of my Witchez?

Soon, witchez.xyz will be updated with a gallery including tools for browsing, searching, & ranking Witchez.

What rights do I have to my Witchez artwork?

Holders of any Witchez NFTs are granted all personal, non-commercial reproductive rights (ie. you can print a copy, make a t-shirt, print a body pillow, etc.), as well as resale rights of the original NFT.

Holding grants all commercial reproduction rights for physical goods (meaning you can make and sell t-shirts, posters, etc.) up to 100 pieces per medium (medium: t-shirt, poster, mug, etc), per Witch, as long as you hold the Witch.

Derivative digital works/NFTs commercial rights are granted as long as a holder a) links to their original Witch NFT in the description, and b) uses the text “Derivative of Witch xxxx” in the description, where “xxxx” is the number of the Witch used as the parent asset of the derivative. All copyright and other rights are reserved and not granted.